Victoria Symptom Validity Test (VSVT™)

 The VSVT is a computerized test that uses a forced-choice, two-alternative model to assess possible exaggeration or feigning of cognitive impairments.

  • The VSVT software administers the test, calculates all scores, and produces a six-page report of the test results.
  • Large, full-page color graphs of your client’s VSVT performance, as well as graphs of the performance of relevant comparison groups, can be easily printed for display.
  • The 48 VSVT items are presented in three blocks of 16 items each, and items are classified as either easy or difficult.
  • The Total Items Correct score is used to classify a respondent’s performance; the type and number of items answered correctly, the response latency, and the right-left preference scores provide information that can be used to help interpret VSVT performance.
  • Test interpretation compares the respondent’s performance to what is expected to occur on the basis of chance alone; this binomial-based approach to respondent classification minimizes the risk of false positives.
  • Research results confirm the clinical and forensic utility of the VSVT for identifying respondents who are attempting to exaggerate or feign cognitive impairments.